You are ready for real change.

Maybe you want to build more authentic relationships, face fears, and create real lasting change in your life. 

Maybe you're tired of repeating patterns that just don’t fulfill you. 

Maybe you want more authentic connected relationships.

No matter the struggle that brought you here, you want to move through life with greater awareness, focus, and purpose.

Couples Counseling in Portland | Amplified Good Counseling in Portland

If you're ready to schedule an initial session right now use the links below to set it up (credit card required).

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  • Bill your insurance- I don't want to share your private information with a corporation.

  • Add shame or judgment to your experience (there's already too much of that in the world).

  • Treat mental illness, so you won't receive a diagnosis, assessment or treatment for mental health conditions.

  • Treat substance abuse issues (but I can refer you to several great folks who do).

  • Support couples who are actively violent with one another- your safety needs to come first, then our work together can begin.


  • Bring nearly ten years professional experience with positive psychology and healthy relationships to your service. 

  • Create a meaningful action plan for your happiness and fulfillment based in authenticity, connectedness, passion, and growth.

  • Teach you scientifically-proven communication skills for long-term relationship success.

  • Focus on and enhance your strengths and well-being. 

  • Keep momentum and hope alive - even when you feel stuck.