Workshop: More Summer of Desire

Oh there are good things coming to this group in the fall... but for now lets kick things off by getting us together and talking Desire! Join me to start the Desire Map curriculum and learn to dive deeper into desire, live more bravely. Warning: this curriculum has changed many of my previous workshop attendees lives in BIG ways. Come only if you're ready to live more of what you want. Get a taste of the three day workshop. The 3 day workshop will guide your soul through the following:

learn how to identify your core desires + use them as a light and anchor for decision making, large and small

explore + understand your current relationship to desires + wants

create a safe space to discuss our hang-ups, guilt, and challenges in pursuing them

create daily or weekly rituals (that you loooove) to facilitate desire + contentment

expand your knowledge of the english language to deepen your emotional vocabulary (this is a real thing that is life changing)

talk through resistance as you progress through mapping your desires

build relationships with very real + practical women who are also learning soul first, goals second

walk away with a new understanding of who you are, how you desire, and what it is you truly want




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