Workshop: The Daring Way, An Introduction to Rising Strong

Are you living a phoenix story?  How have you risen from the ash?

Y'all, Brene's new book Rising Strong is AMAZING.  There's a whole new curriculum coming out and I wanted to give you a taste of it, a look at the book, and a chance to learn simple tools to apply this work to your life.  

No matter if you have attended trainings in the past or not this workshop will help you dive deeper into your authentic self and learn the skills of wholehearted (brave) living.  

Come and learn more about Daring Way™ groups and intensives and how they can help you identify what is holding you back in your life and how to develop the skill set needed to live a more courageous and connected life. All of the material is based on the life work of Dr. Brené Brown in the area of shame and vulnerability.

Delicious vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, and sugar-free snacks are provided.  As are customized workbooks to guide your experience (and take them home to continue your work).  Meet great folks and spend a little time focusing just on you- you're totally worth it!

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