What I've Learned in School:

BSE in Social Studies Education, 2002 (because I was going to be a History teacher...)

BA in Women's Studies, 2002 (because when everyone questions feminism it helps to have fancy books to point at...)

BS in Geography, 2002 (because I really, really like maps)

MS in Higher Education, 2004 (because I used to teach college students to be leaders)

MA in Counseling Psychology, 2010 (because I wanted to teach people to love themselves and others better)

My Certifications and Trainings:

Kinsey Institute Sex Educator Certification, 2004 (where I started talking to people about passion, shame, and resilience)

Nonviolent Communication Intern, 2005-2008 (where I learned about ask for what you want and listen to other people)

Family and Neighborhood Mediation Intern, 2005-2009 (where I learned about repairing relationships after fighting)

National Coalition Building Institute, 2007 (where I learned what to do with internalized oppression)

Myers Briggs Facilitator Certification, 2007 (I got to learn about career counseling and personality testing- great stuff!)

Compassionate Listening Project, 2008 (where I really focused on the importance of being heard in order to heal)

Invite Change - Transformative Coach Certification, 2006-2008 (where I learned about transformative life coaching)

People's Institute Northwest, 2007, 2008, 2009 (where I really practiced listening and reflecting on privilege)

Trauma Stewardship Institute, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 (where I learned to prioritize of self care and balance)

LGBTQ Therapist Certification, 2010 (where I got real official about serving a fabulous community)

Relationship Research Institute Intern, 2010 (where I learned all about fighting and making up and building trust)

Positive Psychology Certification, 2013 (where I learned the science of happiness and tools to build happy lives)

Daring Way Facilitator Certification, 2014 (where I learned all about resiliency, courage, shame, and belonging)

Desire Map Licensing Program, 2014 (where I got clear about desire and goals)

What I'm Learning Now:

Trauma Release Exercise Training - to help clients release trauma from their bodies

Yoga Therapist Training - to help clients reconnect and trust their bodies

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Not an Average Coach

Not only do I have professional training in coaching, but I earned two masters degrees in education and in counseling.  In addition to my education I've spent hundreds of hours completing advanced training with some of the greatest minds in the field of couples therapy.  

Though I no longer treat and assess mental health disorders (because I don't believe you are ill or disordered), I do use my background as a foundation for our work together.  This foundation creates a solid base for your learning and growth in coaching unlike any other.

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Credentialled Coaching Makes a Difference

In addition to my counseling training, I'm a credentialed coach and a member of the International Coach Federation.  This means there's a code of ethics guarding the work we do- and your privacy.

If you’ve tried therapy and stuck to it… but you're ready to apply the skills learned coaching might be right for you. 

Counseling is important reflective healing work, but my clients come to me hoping to take action for change.  That's where coaching comes in.

Counseling (the "assessment and treatment of mental health disorders") is about asking why something is happening.  Coaching doesn't assess or treat these disorders- I know my clients are healthy.  Instead of why we ask what you want to do differently.  How do you want to change? 

In 2014 I added to my coach training at the Invite Change Coaching Academy and became a Desire Map facilitator with Danielle La Porte to help people live intentional, soulful courageous lives.  

Professional Shame Slayer

After coaching and counseling for years, I decided to deepen my training on perfectionism, cultivating authentic relationships, overcoming shame and living courageously.  I trained with Dr Brene Brown to help people overcome shame and live wholehearted lives.  I lead retreats based in this work to this date.  

I talk about sex and sexuality with most of my clients because sex, passion, desire, and creativity in private is directly linked to passion, desire, and creativity in the rest of our lives.  I became a member of the American Association if Sexuality Educators Counselors, and Therapists and uphold their ethics and professional standards in my work.