What to Watch When You Feel Alone

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The Post Secret project started as a post card art exhibit allowing people to anonymously tell their secrets.  The artist, , shared many of the cards in a coffee table book series called Post Secret.  The books are wonders, and often help my clients (and I) remember we are not alone in our fears, shame, loneliness.  We are all a little mischievous, and we all make mistakes.  

I am including three of my favorite videos from their new series, turning these images and recorded stories into animated stories about the truths we often hold- and are afraid to tell.  Check them out below and let me know what you think in the comments


One thing I love about the series, is that almost every episode shares just how hard it is for the participants to let their secret out.  They all worry- as many of us do- that we'll lose something or someone important if we let our secret out.  And a lot of participants shares some kind of relief they feel when they share their secret- a weight is lifted by being witnessed, even if by anonymous strangers.  

What kind of weight is holding you back within your secrets?



Another part I love about these is the kind of relief we feel as witnesses.  Compassionately hearing someone else's vulnerability- even anonymously on the internet- allows us to connect to the parts of ourselves that are vulnerable and scared.  We can tend to our own healing by holding space for the healing of others.  

How can you compassionately connect with another person's healing this week?


Sharing our secrets with compassionate folks- and empathetically connecting with the vulnerability of others is one of the paths to happiness we can easily take each day.  Who do you need to connect with? What do you need to let out this week?