Awesome Summer Dates in Portland, OR

Summer Dates in Portland  | Amplified Good Positive Psychology Coaching and Counseling in Portland

I work with so many couples who are trying to reconnect.  They feel the fascination, romance, and desire is gone from their long term relationship.  The thing is, for most of them, they've stopped giving their relationship time and attention.  

If you want to reconnect, move spending quality time together back into focus.  Start a weekly date night ritual and spend a few hours without distraction, try something new, or experience your love without technological disconnection.  

Here are a few ideas to get you started in Portland this summer:

Summer Symphony in the Park

Grab your blanket and a few favorite snacks and get outside with your sweetie.  The Oregon Symphony and Portland Festival Symphony both do free concerts in the parks every summer in Portland and you are guaranteed a night of magic.  

Cathedral Park Jazz Festival

Okay, I may be biased because I live and work in St. Johns neighborhood- but this is one of the best festivals in Portland all summer.  Bring your travel chairs and a few friends and make a double date of it all weekend!

Outdoor Movies in Portland

Portland loves free summer events and these are super fun.  Check the link below for listings and bring your sweetie to a fun family film or cult classic.  Just remember to bring warm clothes for after the sun goes down!

Run, Jog, or Walk a 5K

Plenty of research shows, couples who exercise together stay together and are happier long term. The great thing about 5Ks are LOTS of people walk and hike them and many of them have silly themes in Portland.  There are even pizza and beer runs. Just remember, its not about competition- but shared fun and new experiences that make a shared run fun! 

Portland Sunday Parkways

If you live in Portland you probably have a bike.  Each neighborhood shuts down a few streets once a summer to let bikes and scooters have the right of way.  Spend a sunny day this summer cycling with your sweetheart!