25 Ways to Get Un-Stuck

How to Get Unstuck | Amplified Good Positive Psychology Coaching and Counseling in Portland

Many of my clients are creatives and entrepreneurs and all too often they face blocks in their creative processes.  Being stuck is totally frustrating, but with a few minutes investment you can totally move past it.

Seriously though, just a few minutes well spent can make a huge difference in the long-run.  The following 25 things you can do in 25 minutes to lift your spirits and get creative juices flowing have been really successful for me and my fabulous clients.

Get Unstuck in Life

  1. Learn something new in a free course at one of the hundreds of online self-education resources bookmarked here: 12 Dozen Places To Educate Yourself Online For Free.
  2. Watch one of the inspirational and intriguing educational videos at TED.com,Academic Earth, or Khan Academy.
  3. Find an online book suggestion list and use it as a checklist for your next library trip or find your reads at Powells online bookstore.  Or start reading a classic book online for free at Project GutenbergThe Online Books PageGizmo’s Free Books Online, or the E-books Directory.
  4. Spend 30 minutes picking out future projects on Pinterest by creating a “future crafts” pinboard.
  5. Research a new Do It Yourself project at DIY NetworkInstructables, orDoItYourself.com.
  6. De-clutter, update, or sort your ongoing to-do list at Remember The Milk,  Evernote, or using Google Tasks.
  7. Create an awesome mind map of some of your recent ideas at bubbl.usMindomo, or Mindmeister.
  8. Send an email hello, appreciation, or gratitude to a friend or family member you haven’t connected with in a while.   Ask them how they find inspiration.
  9. Start a puzzle with the NPR Sunday Puzzle.  Find a crossword, soduku, or online brain teaser to help stretch your mind.
  10. Go to your local art museum and take in the exhibits.
  11. Everyone enjoys getting some real mail.  Take a few minutes and send a paper greeting card directly by using enGreet or American Greetings.  Better yet, make your own card.
  12. Start learning a new language online for free at BBC Languages orLivemocha, or one of the other free online language resources outlined here.
  13. Use Memorize Now or iMemorize to memorize a cool joke, inspiring quote, etc.
  14. Listen to an educational podcast via iTunes on iTunes U.
  15. Inspire and spark your creative mind by looking at a rolling slideshow of the highest rated photos on Flickr from the past 7 days.
  16. Take a fun, educational online quiz at Quizlet, or play an educational online game at LumositySporcleGames for the Brain, or Math Run.
  17. Add the sound of rain to your space with RainyMood.com and meditate or relax for a few minutes.
  18. Start a gratitude journal and express your thanks on a daily basis.  Notice the small spaces where you experience awe and joy.
  19. Support a good cause for free at Freerice.com or donate a few bucks to a good cause via GoFundMe.
  20. Play with a child.  Admire their enthusiasm.  Check in with your inner child along the way.
  21. Listen to good music, or find a new musical artist to listen to based on music you like at GroovesharkPandoraSpotify, or Songza.
  22. Get your body moving and your blood circulating.  Use the free coaching and fitness podcasts on itunes to help you get going.
  23. Get into nature.  Spend a few minutes watching the sunset, admiring leaves blowing, feeling the sun on your skin, breathing in forest air and notice what great ideas arise.
  24. Stop to help someone.  Participate in a service project to give back to your community and find inspiration around you.  If you’re not sure where to start, useidealist.org to find opportunities near you!

How do you get creative ideas flowing when you feel stuck?  What simple life-enhancing activities do you participate in frequently?  Share your ideas with us in the comments section below.