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Therapists in Portland Oregon  | Amplified Good Positive Psychology Coaching and Counseling in Portland

Whenever possible, I recommend clients consult with a few of us to get a sense of therapists before starting work.  It is so important to find someone who has the training and expertise you need, and expresses empathy in a way that works for you.

Of course I'd be happy to do a free consultation with you to see if we're a good fit to work together.  Just click here to schedule a free consultation with me.  

Of course, I am not the best fit for every single client.  I wanted to share with you the therapists I most frequently refer to in Portland, Oregon.  Check out their information below.  I highly respect them, and have received positive feedback from clients we share.  I am consistently impressed in consultation with them and refer my friends and family to most of them.  

So yeah, I think highly of their work.

I've also written recommendations for folks looking for LGBTQ-affirming and sex-positive therapists, please take a look at them if you would like assistance finding a specialized provider.


Gina Senarighi -  (ME) Couples and Individual Therapy

(LGBTQ-affirming, sex positive, and body positive)

North and Northeast Portland

Jenn Anderson - Couples and Individual Therapy

(a fellow Daring Way Facilitator Candidate)

Inner Northeast Portland

 Grace Cantor - Couples and Individual Therapy

(postpartum and infertility experience)

Northeast Portland

 Sarah Ellenwood - Couples and Individual Therapy


Southeast Portland

Morgan Fitz-Gibbon - Couples, Groups and Individual Therapy 

(LGBTQ-affirming, and sex positive)

Downtown Portland

 Jesse Johnson Couples, Groups and Individual Therapy

(LGBTQ-affirming, online and in-person)

Inner Northeast Portland

Dawn Menken - Couples and Group Therapy

(LGBTQ-affirming, Process Work and art therapy)

Northwest Portland

Caroline Resari - Couples and Individual Therapy 

(LGBTQ-affirming Life Coaching and Therapy)

Inner Northeast Portland

Danahy Sharonrose - Couples Therapy and Sex Therapy


Northeast Portland