Living with Authenticity

Authenticity Quote  | Amplified Good Counseling in Portland

I love this quote from Brene Brown, my mentor.  If you have been a part of one of my Daring Way retreats you might already know her work focuses on helping people live more wholehearted lives- showing up with honesty.  But let's break that down, shall we?

The choice to show up and be real

We each have unique gifts to give this world.  We have the power to make the world better by sharing these gifts- but showing up to share them takes courage.

Avoidance is one of the easiest traps we fall in on the journey to authenticity.  I have seen many folks get caught in traps of procrastination and deflection (forms of avoidance) and miss the opportunity to show up for another.  

We avoid ourselves and we avoid opportunities to connect with others.  Has avoidance gotten in your way?

The choice to be honest

I rarely meet dishonest people but just as rare are my meetings with honest people.  Honesty requires a willingness to look at the truth, to admit we don't know, to allow for mistakes.  Those three can require real work.  

Honesty requires time and focus.  Often we don't even know what is true because stripping things down that carefully can feel so overwhelming.  Take a moment to find some clarity and get honest with yourself.

The choice to let our true selves be seen

Vulnerability is what allows others to love us.  It is a huge risk to let our truth be witnessed by another- and yet, those are the moments where we find love.  

Getting courageous and honest with ourselves are two parts of the process- but we cannot go it alone.  Choosing to let our truth be seen by another is a critical part of authenticity. 

Where can you show up with greater authenticity this week?  


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