Listen to Your Body

Listen to Your Body | Amplified Good Counseling in Portland

Your body is powerful. Tune into it. 

So many of the clients I see in my Portland counseling practice have lost touch with their bodies. 

Either there's no feeling in their bodies, or parts of their bodies, or they only feel certain things (hunger, headache, turn-ons).

This happens for lots of reasons (trauma, survival, oppression, injury, stress... ) but regardless of our history, our daily distraction and numbness keeps most of us from connecting to our true power.  

When we start really listening, our bodies are full of great information.  They guide us toward integrity-based decisions, they alert us to real danger, they connect with inspiration and help us release tension.  

Five minutes is all it takes

Slow down for five minutes today and reconnect with your body.  Go to a quiet distraction-free place if you can and say hello to your body.  Notice what messages are waiting for you.  


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