Give Yourself Permission to Shine Bright

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If you have attended one of my trainings, you know I am a BIG believer in permission slips.  

Writing our permissions helps us overcome self-critical voices that would otherwise hold us back.  It helps us stop taking that critical inner voice so seriously, and orients us more toward what we want.

It helps us have self-compassion for mistakes.  

So I am giving myself some permission tonight.  I was asked to present to a cohort of counseling students in graduate school.  I have done this before, but tonight my critic arrived with extra vigor.  

Sometimes I have a hard time talking with other therapists about how well I've done in private practice, how much I know about running my therapy business, how easy it is for me to attract great counseling clients. 

I find myself falling to self-deprecation, sarcasm, humor, and avoidance to stop myself from shining bright.  

I feel pulled to stay small.  

When I shrink up no one gets to learn what I have to share or connect with my story. Which is especially silly because so many other therapists admire my work they have started asking me for coaching (in large numbers).  

But it doesn't matter how many people tell us otherwise when our self-critics are at play.  Because overcoming the fear of showing up and playing big isn't about other people, it's about standing up to critical voices within.  

I'm giving myself permission to shine bright tonight.  

Let's see how it goes. 

Ask yourself:

Where do you want to give yourself permission to shine a little brighter?  

What might change if you showed up and played big?  

Who could be waiting to learn from you?


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