Nonviolent Communication Skills: The Need for Mourning

NVC Needs: Mourning | Amplified Good Counseling in Portland

Our world has been through so much violence in the last years.  Afghanistan, Iraq, Beirut, Kenya, and today in Paris.  We are shocked, angry, and afraid.  

We feel guilt and fear even in the safest places, because truthfully we are all in this together.  

Today's events provoked beautiful response in Paris, people opening doors to house strangers even in this time of intense fear.  #PrayforParis trending on all social media fronts, and lines for blood donations all across Europe.  

We feel a collective pull to action in these moments.  We want to help.  We want to do something.  To fix.  

To make it better. 

And while this is important, we must not forget to tnd to the feeling underneath.  The mourning today is real.  Under our action, inspiration, prayers, is deep sadness at the loss of life happening around the world.  

If we move too quickly, our grief goes unattended.  It will resurface later.  Spend time today appreciating those you hold dear and grieving the losses we've felt today far and wide.  Innocent, sweet people lost lives and it is sad.  

Very sad.

Tend your hearts and the hearts around you today.  

Take action dear ones, and also take time to mourn.

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