Every relationship needs a tune-up from time to time.

Whether you want to change your communication patterns, get unstuck, or make important life decisions, couples counseling can help.

I work with couples on all kinds of issues including: infidelity, open relationships, divorce, changing sex drive and deepening meaningful connection.

Come on into my shop for a tune up!

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Many of us long for more meaningful connected relationships.

Having authentic relationships based on honesty, accountability, compassion, is central to wholehearted living. But being real in relationships isn’t always easy.

We want authenticity, yet trusting others and being vulnerable is one of the scariest things we can imagine.

From saying what you want in bed, to reconnecting as new parents, starting over after a fight, showing up authentically in relationship is a kind of vulnerability most of us would rather avoid.

I work with couples every day to build bridges of trust and connection.  I LOVE watching them recommit to each other in loving ways.  

It’s what I live for.

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I've learned the following truths about relationships:

1.  Authenticity relies on openness.

Only honest, transparent communication will lead us into authentic community.  I often see folks who have trouble opening up for a wide range of reasons.  

Staying open can be really challenging in relationships- and yet, it is vital to long-term success for couples.  I've developed a solid trust-building curriculum to help clients increase trust in any relationship. 

2.  Empathetic communication doesn’t come naturally to everyone.

Receiving our partners vulnerability in a warm and empathetic way can take some work.  Sometimes we’re not sure how to show we care.  Other times we’re afraid to risk connection because of past hurts.  

Whatever the reason, I work with couples to create empathetic communication to rebuild trust, repair from fights, and reconnect with heart.

I teach compassionate communication workshops and empathetic communication retreats throughout the year.  Call me when you're ready to learn, Id love to have you there.

3.  Being authentic means holding each other and ourselves accountable.

This can be the most challenging part of authentic relationships.  Whether it's in our friendships, with our coworkers, or our spouse, a lot of us struggle with accountability in relationships.  

Let’s face it, no one likes to look at mistakes, or know we hurt people who are close to us.  But being able to make mistakes is critical to long term relationship success.  When there's no space for mistakes there's also no space for innovation, creativity, and inspiration.  

I use the Daring Way curriculum (based on the work of Dr Brene Brown) to help couples create more space for self-compassion and connected compassion. 

Let me help you build more authentic connection.


Free relationship tools I created for you

I've been writing guides and books for clients for years.  Here are a few that might help your relationship grow.



  • Bill your insurance- I don't want to share your private information with a corporation.

  • Add shame or judgment to your experience (there's already too much of that in the world).

  • Treat mental illness, so you won't receive a diagnosis, assessment or treatment for mental health conditions.

  • Treat substance abuse issues (but I can refer you to several great folks who do).

  • Support couples who are actively violent with one another- your safety needs to come first, then our work together can begin.


  • Bring nearly ten years professional experience with positive psychology and healthy relationships to your service. 

  • Create an action plan for long-term happiness and fulfillment in your professional and personal life. 

  • Help you shift unhealthy communication patterns.

  • Teach you scientifically-proven communication skills for long-term relationship success.

  • Focus on and enhance your strengths. 

  • Keep momentum and hope alive - even if you feel stuck.

relationship coach | online relationship counselor