Guidepost 4: Cultivating Gratitude & Joy – Letting Go of Scarcity & the Fear of the Dark

Welcome to Day 4 of your 10-Day E-Course!  

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Today's focus is on Guidepost #4: Letting Go of Scarcity & the Fear of the Dark & Cultivating Gratitude and Joy  

There's a great video below from one of my favorite resources on happiness, Soul Pancake.  

Take a minute to watch and learn a little more on the science of happiness and gratitude.  

I'm also including a video below from Ask Amy- with Amy Poehler.  She gives young viewers great advice on overcoming fears and being courageous making mistakes while being creative.  

Check it out:


As always, click the guideposts image on this page to today's materials and don't forget to check your email for more tools tomorrow!

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