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Guidepost 10: Cultivating Laughter, Song, & Dance – Letting Go of Being Cool & “Always in Control” 

Welcome to Day 10 of your 10-Day E-Course!  

Congratulations on staying committed all the way through this course!  

I'm sharing one of my go-to videos below for any time I really need to laugh.  Watch it full though and see if it doesn't make you smile.  

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brene brown rising strong retreat daring way retreat portland
brene brown portland daring way daring greatly rising strong

If you'd like to take this work further please consider joining one of my weekend Daring Way or Rising Strong Retreats.  Check out what past participants are saying about them below.

Vulnerability is SCARY. And going away for a weekend with mostly strangers to open up sounded like the worst idea I’d had in a long time. Gina was immediately welcoming and kind, bringing our group into the space graciously and warmly.

Through her smooth, honest, and creative facilitation, Gina created a magical weekend, inviting me to be my best, most authentic self. Was it easy and joyful? Not entirely, but there was lots of laughter and growth and even transformation. Even some spirited dancing!

A weekend facilitated by Gina gave me access to open up and connect in ways that hadn’t been available before. I keep learning from Gina’s teachings that weekend, even now, almost a year later. I’m filled with gratitude for what I got while Daring Greatly with Gina Senarighi.
— Sadie P, Seattle, WA
I was both eager and anxious going into TDW retreat weekend. I had a lifetime desire to be authentic and vulnerable in the way that I lived my life but still hard some big shields around my innermost heart. This retreat was paced wonderfully and had so much gracious space for imperfection, I was able to remain relaxed while increasing my growing edges!

Gina is a MAGNIFICENT facilitator, a grounded resource and provided a warm and inviting space.
— Effie S, Portland, OR
The Daring Way retreat that Gina so graciously led was life changing for me. It awakened me to parts of myself that I have never given space and reintroduced me to parts of myself that I haven’t known for years. The retreat was vulnerably and fabulously led by the brilliance that is Gina Senarighi. I left that space a new being, ready to take on the world with a powerful connection to myself and my ability to show up wholeheartedly.

I recommend this retreat apologetically to anyone interested and would attend any workshop or retreat led by Gina in the future.
— Casey T, Seattle, WA
I’m truly am grateful I came out in the blizzard this morning... did I ever need Gina and her forum!!! I didn’t even know how much I needed to address the issues. My sharing about needing more connection was totally spontaneous... I didn’t even know how much I needed to address the issue until I verbalized it and the tears started to flow!!!
— Nancy F, Sturgeon Bay, WI
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